Hey there!

I’m 23 years old, born and raised in Central Illinois, but currently living in Tampa, Florida! I’m married to Caleb, the love of my life, a product designer and the one who keeps my creative juices flowing. I’m a 4 on the enneagram (which I am slowly learning to love) and have the most spoiled dog-child ever named Scout.

I’m currently a web designer and videographer at a small-church incubator called the Underground Network. Our mission is to equip dreamers to start the things God has called them to, and my department empowers these missionaries by providing them with media services.




My Passions


I love telling stories, capturing wedding days, helping you promote yourself on Insta—whatever you need! My dream is to help give you a visual way to express who you are, what you do, and achieve your goals.

Web Design

Web Design is something I became passionate about in college while pursuing a degree in Video Production with a minor in Computer Science! I’ve always been a math girl, but I love art and design as well. I feel like coding and web design is a beautiful marriage of the two, and I love creating new sites!